Our menu covers a curated selection of coffee and non caffeinated beverages, food and deserts available at our cafe in Kolkata.
We also have a specials board at the cafe with interesting seasonal choices and one-off special coffee selections.
A portion of our coffee and food menu is available for online orders via SWIGGY and Zomato
We use almost zero plastics in our packaging and are working on making our packaging 100% compostable in the near future.

A strikethrough the items names means it is not currently being offered or is out of stock.


We’ve put together our coffee menu to offer a wholistic experience of a variety of high grade arabica beans from different coffee farms in South India, roasted in light to medium profiles that bring unique tasting notes to the cup. The bean’s qualities are further enhanced by the brewing method selected.
The menu provides a diverse selection of beverages to suit varied palates.

From the Espresso Machine

From the Espresso Machine

The 3 components to a great tasting espresso are the beans, the water and the Barista.
We use a well balanced blend of beans from several farms across South India, roasted by our friends at Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters.
Our fresh water is tailored to a precise mineral balance which lets us extract the right balance of flavors.
Espresso is best enjoyed straight, perhaps with a little chocolate or a petite madeleine on the side, though some our single estate espressos pair well with hard cheese and olives.

Our cow milk comes straight from the farm, super fresh and deliciously creamy. Free from any growth hormones or antibiotics, the cows feed on grass and green fodder and live happily just a few hours away from the city.

We also offer Alt. MLKs all made in-house. Choose from freshly blended Almond Cashew or Coconut MLK.

We handle our milk with the utmost care to make sure your coffee or beverage has just the right texture and consistency, and served at a temperature that retains the natural flavour of the milk.

Espresso Doppio (40grams): 120

Caffè Latte- 100/200/250
1 part Espresso with 2 parts steamed milk integrated with micro foam

Cappuccino – 100/200/250
1 part Espresso, 1 part steamed milk and 1 part milk foam

Caffè Macchiato / Cortado- 180
Espresso with a dash of milk foam / a splash of steamed milk

Flat white- 220
1 part Espresso with 2 parts steamed milk

Caffè Mocha-260
Dark chocolate, organic cacao and Espresso with steamed milk

Iced Latte Macchiato- 260
Cold milk, ice and 2 shots of espresso

Ice blended Caramel Latte / Iced Mocha- 280
2 shots of Espresso blended with milk and caramel/chocolate sauce

Cake shake- 240
Freshly baked cake blended with milk, chocolate and Espresso

Speciality Manual Brews

The Chemex

The Chemex was invented in 1941 by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm. The iconic instrument has remained unchanged for 70 years and is on permanent display at The MOMA, it is truly a work of art.
The patented filter is the core of the Chemex system, removing the bitter, acidic components for a very clean and smooth cup.
We use our lightest roast for this brew, producing a slightly sweet and fruity flavour which lends itself well as a breakfast or lunch accompaniment. Being easy on the palate, it’s also a good choice for those who like to drink multiple cups through the day.

1 cup: 200
2/4/6 cups: 250/400/500

The Siphon

A vac-pot or siphon brews coffee using two chambers where the combination of vapour pressure and a vacuum produces a strong and full bodied brew.

We use a medium roast single estate for the Siphon and a longer extraction time to produce a cup with a heavy body and bold flavour, while retaining a relatively clean and smooth cup as a result of dual chamber design and a fine filter.

2 cup pot: 400

Kyoto Cold Drip

Cold brewing is not just another brewing method, it is a brewing movement.
We believe in the drip rather than a full immersion.
This process – invented in Kyoto, Japan – extracts the delicious flavour compounds and caffeine, but leaves behind the myriad of bitter oils and fatty acids that are usually a byproduct of coffee grounds being exposed to heat during extraction. The drip ensures a clean and clear cup that holds flavour and body.
Single origin beans, mineral balanced water and very slow extraction result in a distinctively smooth coffee taken straight, with milk or 1:1 with tonic water to form a malty caffeinated fizz.

Straight: 200
With Tonic: 250

Dessert Coffee

Caffeine free beverages

Choices for the faint of heart

Hot Chocolate – 200
Stone ground dark chocolate, organic cacao and
textured whole milk.

Turmeric Latte – 150
Turmeric, honey, cinnamon and a pinch
of black pepper make this golden
moon-milk the perfect evening relaxant

Beetroot Latte – 180
All organic ground beetroot, raw Tasmanian
honey, a hint of citrus and steamed milk.

Fresh juice – 200
Check the chalkboard for today’s juices

Banana Nutella shake – 300
Nutella and banana blended with whole milk

Smoothie – 250

Lemon & mint soda – 150

Choco-coconut milkshake – 250

Darjeeling tea – 150

Iced Citrus tea – 200



Smoked Ham

Smoked pork ham, mozzarella and baby gherkins in classic white bread



Mushroom and green olives with roasted garlic, Kalimpong cheddar and seared tomato in traditional challah bread



Dry cured Pepperoni slices with Kalimpong cheddar, chopped jalapenos and gherkins in traditional challah bread



Watermelon Salad

Watermelon, green olives, feta and mint


Roasted beetroot Salad

Roasted beetroot, apple, spinach, walnut and feta cheese, tossed with pomegranate vinaigrette



Honey & Butter


Peanut butter & Banana


Dark Chocolate & Cranberry


Mushroom & Cheddar


Ham & Kalimpong Cheese





Honey / Caramel




Banana & Nutella


Feta cheese


Feta cheese & mushrooms


Bacon & feta cheese


Little bites


Balsamic marinated tomato & basil bruschetta served on oven toasted garlic bread topped with smoked Bandel cheese


Bacon strips (3)


Grilled sausages (2)


Sunny side up egg


Jar of sliced gerkhins


We also stock cakes from Sukhtara cakes and retail our coffee beans, cheeses, cured meats and pickled products.
Please feel free to write to us for details, availability and prices.