The shop is showing limited products available for purchase during the lockdown.
After you’ve placed an order, we will contact you to confirm a delivery time.
Deliveries for all products except ‘Coffee Cards’ are restricted to Kolkata city limits only.

Coffee Beans | Whole or ground

All the coffee we use in our cafe and sell here is sourced and roasted with care, dedication and consistency by Blue Tokai Coffee in New Delhi. We RESELL freshly roasted beans that are ground according to your preference. We stock only a small selection of Blue Tokai’s offerings. A larger selection is available for purchase directly from their website.
Currently our single estate offering is a Light Roast from Thogarihunkal Estate.
The Espresso blend is a medium roast arabica blend from 3 estates.
Flavour notes and ideal brewing methods are mentioned in the descriptions.
Select a grind size according to your brewing method, or contact us for help ascertaining an ideal grind size for your usage.

Kyoto Cold Brew

Cold brewing is not just another brewing method, it is a brewing movement.
This process, invented in Kyoto, Japan, extracts the delicious flavor compounds and caffeine, but leaves behind the myriad of bitter oils and fatty acids that are usually a byproduct of coffee grounds being exposed to heat during extraction.
The very slow extraction results in a distinctively smooth coffee, which can be drunk straight over ice, mixed 1:1 with tonic to create a fizzy malt like beverage, or even heated and drunk hot.
Our cold brew coffee retains its freshness for upto a week when kept refrigerated in an air-tight bottle and can also be used as a concentrate to make instant coffee by adding hot water (1 part cold brew : 2 parts hot water for a nice morning cup)

Coffee Cards

A coffee card entitles you a certain number of beverages at our cafe in Lake Gardens, Kolkata. They can be redeemed at the cafe anytime, by anyone.
When you purchase a coffee card, you will receive a card number by email. Just quote the card number when you place your order to redeem your coffees.

Redeem coffees at anytime, by yourself or pass them on to anyone else. At once or on multiple visits.
You can use the card for any coffee or other beverage on the menu, subject to availability.

By purchasing a coffee card you are helping us meet our operational costs, contributing to the salaries of our cleaner and staff who are on paid leave and ensuring that our supplies get advance orders which gives their businesses a little security as well. 
While we can’t be sure about when we will open and we hope it’s not too long, we understand that the uncertainty involved could cause an inconvenience.
We can assure you that in the event we cannot fulfil the purchase before 31.12.2020, we will issue full refunds. 

Coffee cards are not valid for purchases on our website or on food delivery platforms. They can only be redeemed in person, at the cafe.

Coffee Brewing Equipment and accessories


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Pickled and cured food

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Organically farmed produce

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Dairy free, Vegan MYLK

We make our our dairy free, vegan milk alternatives in house with the highest quality raw materials, sourced ethically and handled with care. Our MLYKs are at-least 30% and upto 50% plant materials, as compared to most store bought variants which contain 2-8%.
We blend and package fresh orders on the day they are delivered.
We do not use any preservatives in our fresh products. They must be kept refrigerated and consumed within 3 days of packaging.